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The Liddle Fish Doctor

Rogers Liddle III / (808) 222-0285

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Single Service Monthly

Single Service Monthly

+ Plus Package

> One Visit Monthly
> 20-30% Water Change

> Complete Glass Cleaning
> Gravel /Sand Vacuuming
> Carbon Filter Replacement
> Water Testing  ( Service Card )

( pH, Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate )
> The Items below are covered costs:
( Saltwater, Filter Cartridge, Water Testing )

* Saltwater Fish and all Equipment costs

are the customer's responsibility.


Service card will be kept inside the aquarium stand for dates of visitation and water levels (pH and Nitrate tested monthly)


*This service will recommend the hardiest

. and best assortment of fish for your tank.>

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Single Service Monthly

This plan is more common with our residential customers and covers everything you'll need once a month. Aquariums do grow a fair amount of algae about every two weeks and unlike businesses with high traffic waiting rooms, you may consider this service plan if you don't mind wiping the glass between monthly visits. The aquarium can maintain healthy water levels with this service plan and the only concern is the algae which would grow fairly excessive between a visits. ~ Great solution for families on a budget !

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