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The Liddle Fish Doctor

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Plus Service Package

The Plus Package Includes

Basic Package

> Everything in Basic Service Package 


> All equipment is covered for repair
or replacement with no additional cost 
(Filters, Light Bulbs & Fixture, Timers) 


> Aquarium Fish Stocked at all times

(A Variety of the hardiest Saltwater

or Freshwater Fish)

* All repairs and replacement of equipment is for existing equipment

* Damage to Aquarium and Stand is not 
a covered cost in this service package.


* Replacement of fish may not be immediate

. due to water conditions, which may need

. correction (within 3-14 days)

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The Plus Package

This is the complete package offering you coverage on everything in the aquarium including the fish. We will offer you the hardiest, most compatible aquarium fish to choose from with your community or aggressive fish tank. With this service package, the only thing you are responsible for is feeding the fish and enjoying the aquarium =]


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